South Ponte Vedra Beach

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South Ponte Vedra-Vilano Beach
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Frequently Asked Questions Page (FAQ's)

We hope that the following questions and answers will help you understand the reason that South Ponte Vedra-Vilano Beach Restoration Association, Inc. was formed. . 

Each of the categorized questions has one or more detailed questions and answers to further explain the specific process of our beach restoration. You can always click on "Main" to start back at the original categories.

What is the South Ponte Vedra-Vilano Beach Restoration Association, Inc.?
  1. What is SPVVBRA, Inc.?
    South Ponte Vedra – Vilano Beach Preservation Association, Inc. is a not-for-profit, 501(c)3 corporation formed for the purpose of preserving our beaches and coastal properties along South Ponte Vedra Boulevard and Coastal Highway, from the southern end of Guana Park to Vilano Point.

    In 2006 the Association was formed by oceanfront owners who became increasingly alarmed about the sudden episode of (which turned out to be the first of several) extreme and devastating erosion, unlike anything that had ever been observed by long-term residents.

    Since then, the Association’s members have been working on your behalf to understand the causes of the erosion, and to protect our valuable assets from further destruction, and to return sand to our damaged beach.

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  2. How can everyone stay informed?
    The success of this project depends on the understanding and support of each and every one of our property owners. While the engineering, finances, and politics are formidable challenges, an even more difficult challenge is communicating with every property owner along our coast.

    We occasionally paper mail a newsletter update, but that is an expensive means of communication. The most efficient means of communication is by email, so please provide us your current email address(es). If you previously provided an email address but are not currently receiving emails from us, please confirm that our messages are not being mistakenly directed to your junk mail folder. Please also send any additions or changes in telephone contact information and preferred mailing and emailing addresses.

    We have been using gmail, but currently we are investigating alternatives for more efficiency. As of now, you can email to us at spv.vilanobeach@gmail.com

    We advise that you check the facts with us whenever some news is made available through the television and newspaper media. Many of the local reporters have communicated with us numerous times; we applaud them for learning so quickly so much about this topic and thank them for their continued coverage. Nevertheless it is sometimes difficult to present the complete, accurate picture in brief news clips and articles.

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  3. How can you help?
    If you have not yet joined us, we invite you to become a contributing member of the Association.

    We appreciate the efforts of all of our participating and supportive members and especially of our very active volunteers who have been working diligently to achieve our successes to date. We appreciate additional volunteers in the areas of membership, communications, newsletter, mailings, fund raising, civic action, web site, etc. So please contact us if you wish to help.

    Nearly our entire budget is used to fund our engineers, as well as legal help as a last resort, to defend our position.

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  4. Who can you contact for more information or to express an opinion?
    We would like to continue to hear everyone’s voice (questions, comments) on this topic. We intend to update the website so we can better keep everyone up to date as efficiently as possible.

    For more information, you may contact any one of the following:

    Tom Turnage, President 904-387-0770 TTurnage@SPV-Vilano.com
    Linda Chambless 904-829-9861 Lcc320@bellsouth.net
    Lisa and Guy Rasch 904-829-1895 L_Rasch@hotmail.com
    Alice Talbert 904-829-3566 --

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