South Ponte Vedra Beach

and Vilano Beach

South Ponte Vedra-Vilano Beach
Restoration Association, Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions Page (FAQ's)

We hope that the following questions and answers will help you understand the reason that South Ponte Vedra-Vilano Beach Restoration Association, Inc. was formed. . 

Each of the categorized questions has one or more detailed questions and answers to further explain the specific process of our beach restoration. You can always click on "Main" to start back at the original categories.

Is there anything a property owner can do before the beach is nourished?
  1. What can I do immediately to help?
    We continue to remind everyone to be protective of the existing dunes, and diligent in beach preservation activities such as leaving dunes intact, installing sand fence (in locations where the sand stays relatively dry), planting native vegetation, and following rules and regulations regarding the design and construction of walkovers and stairs.

    Property owners should monitor and record the movement of the sand taking photos from constant reference points, and measuring the depth and location of their bluff and vegetation line (relative to their property survey, existing survey markers or monuments, walkovers, etc.) as well as the depth of the sand. Without the reference point, it is very easy to become adjusted to the changed profiles of the dunes and beach slope and to lose sight of what they were before.

    If you have not yet joined us, we invite you to become a contributing member of the Association. We appreciate the efforts of all of our participating and supportive members and especially of our very active volunteers who have been working diligently to achieve our successes to date. We appreciate additional volunteers in the areas of membership, communications, newsletter, mailings, fund raising, civic action, web site, etc. So please contact us if you wish to help.

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