South Ponte Vedra Beach

and Vilano Beach

Welcome to South Ponte Vedra-Vilano Beach
Preservation Association, Inc. (SPVV)

What is South Ponte Vedra-Vilano Beach Preservation Association, Inc.?

SPVV is an approved 501(c)3 non-profit corporation formed in the State of Florida to restore, protect, and nourish the beaches of South Ponte Vedra and Vilano in St. Johns County. 

The organization was formed for the purpose of restoring, protecting, and nourishing the beaches of South Ponte Vedra & Vilano, in St. Johns County, Florida. If you are a "lover of the beach" , have beach erosion in your area, or are interested in our efforts to preserve the beaches of South Ponte Vedra and Vilano, this Association should greatly interest you. If you would like to learn how you can benefit from this Association, please email us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Are you "just concerned" about beach erosion or "need to take action"?

If you live in South Ponte Vedra Beach or Vilano Beach, you "need to take action".

SPVV holds regular monthly meetings in South Ponte Vedra. Attendees learn about our plan of action to restore our beaches and the progress that has been made to date. We are fighting the battle against beach erosion and it's associated impacts, but SPVV NEEDS YOUR HELP! Most residents think that because they do not own oceanfront property they will not be impacted by beach erosion. This is not necessarily the case. Beach erosion can impact non-oceanfront property as well. If you live in South Ponte Vedra Beach or Vilano Beach, you should attend at least one of these informative meetings. We will be glad to address any questions or concerns that you may have. 

October 2007 damage from the nor'easter.

This shows the significant amount of erosion that the October Nor'Easters had on our beach...see more October 2007 photos by clicking on the picture or you can view all our photos by clicking on the photo gallery link above.

Photo by Tom Turnage.